MecDesign – MD strojno projektiranje d.o.o. With more than 25 years of experience in the design of assembly processes. We have produced these for various production industries: automotive industry, electro industry, mining industry

In recent years, we have focused on the production of vibration dosing modules, where we can offer the production of various dosing systems including manipulation and installation.

Upon order, we hand the 3D construction of dosing systems in the universal stp format, for efficient construction of the entire assembly machine. We can include a wide variety of technological processes, such as screwing, orbital riveting, welding (resistance, ultrasonic...), stamping, calibration

We design and create technical documentation with Catia V5 or Solid Works 3D modelers. We have largely personalized mechanical engineering modelers with rich libraries of our own standard elements and modules.

We advocate the involvement of the customer in design of the assembly process, so that it will be simple and reliable in practice, and especially cheaper in the manufacturing phase.